meimei baking… explained

Hey there! I’m Marisa, a third-generation Asian American creating recipes for baked goods that are inspired by my Asian American upbringing. I named my baking blog “meimei baking” for two main reasons. First off, mei-mei (妹妹) means “little sister” in Chinese, and I am the little sister of my two brothers. Second, my playful little black dog is also named Mei Mei. Cute, right? I hope you will tag along with me on my baking journey and check back often to try out the delicious and “not too sweet” recipes I have to share with you!

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matcha amaretti cookies

These little almond cookies are perfectly chewy, rolled in powdered sugar, and have a unique twist – matcha powder! They are crazy simple to make and are gluten-free too!
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ube butter mochi

One of my most popular recipes on the blog! These are so addictively chewy and have a crisp, toasted coconut top that is pure magic.
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